The General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) organ is the largest organ within the United Nations as well as NAIMUN. GA is also the broadest organ and engages with a wide plethora of diverse political, economic, and social issues on an international scale.



The First General Assembly of the United Nations is concerned with Disarmament and International Security. In a world where rapid nuclearization and drone strikes have become a reality, the First General Assembly has done its part to ensure a stable world. 

GA1 Issues:

  1. The question of creating a framework to regulate the military use of artificial intelligence

  2. The question of communication and imaging satellites threats to international security

  3. The question of reducing small arms and light weapons (SALW) trade in Africa




The Third General Assembly of the United Nations is concerned with Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Issues. Humanitarian issues plague our societies, be it droughts in West Africa, or the mistreatment of different cultures globally. 

GA3 Issues:

  1. The question of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

  2. The loss of indigenous tribal culture in the Amazon due to increased globalization

  3. Measures to ensure the safety and security of Afghan citizens post-withdrawal of foreign troops



The Fourth General Assembly of the United Nations is concerned with Special Political Issues and Decolonization. Remnants of old colonialism still are present on our planet, and many new forms of it are emerging onto the world stage.

GA4 Issues:

  1. The question of Hong Kong

  2. The question of evaluating the responsibilities of ex-colonial powers on their previous colonies

  3. Measures to mitigate the risk imposed by the DPRK on its neighboring countries in respect to its nuclear program.