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The General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) organ is the largest organ within the United Nations as well as DIAMUN. GA is also the broadest organ and engages with a wide plethora of diverse political, economic, and social issues on an international scale.


The First General Assembly of the United Nations is concerned with Disarmament and International Security. In a world where rapid nuclearization and drone strikes have become a reality, the First General Assembly has done its part to ensure a stable world. 

GA1 Issues:

  1. The question of strengthening peacekeeping forces in harsh political climates

  2. Evaluating the applications of artificial intelligence in cyber security

  3. Tackling illicit foreign trade of arms and ammunition across borders



The Second General Assembly of the United Nations is concerned with Economic and Financial Issues. Economic issues are not rare, and the newest committee at DIAMUN, the Second General Assembly deals with sustained economic growth and sustainable development to solve such economic crises. 

GA2 Issues:

  1. Addressing the issue of tax evasion by multinational corporations 

  2. Evaluating the risks to global trade routes around the world

  3. Measures to mitigate the risks of the China-Taiwan conflict on the semiconductor industry 


The Third General Assembly of the United Nations is concerned with Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Issues. Humanitarian issues plague our societies, be it droughts in West Africa, or the mistreatment of different cultures globally.  

GA3 Issues:

  1. Implementing means to eradicate instances of ethnic cleansing in the MENA region

  2. Preventing human trafficking and the migrant smuggling 

  3. Measures to integrate refugees into society from war-torn countries 



The Fourth General Assembly of the United Nations is concerned with Special Political Issues and Decolonization. Remnants of old colonialism still are present on our planet, and many new forms of it are emerging onto the world stage.


GA4 Issues:

  1. The question of the Kashmir territorial conflict 

  2. The question of evolving space technologies and its application in the exploration of outer space

  3. The question of the territorial claims in Antarctica 

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