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Dubai International Academy Model United Nations (DIAMUN) is a THIMUN-affiliated conference that brings students from over the world together to collaborate, discuss, and debate current world issues in order to develop realistic and effective solutions. The conference is organized by a student-driven executive committee guided by DIA's own instructors, who work diligently to provide a high-quality MUN conference. Our DIAMUN team consists of students from all around the world, providing the conference with a much-needed international perspective. Every year, about 800 students from several continents attend DIAMUN, bringing people from all walks of life and cultures together.Even in the midst of today's global difficulties, the DIAMUN team commits to turn these disadvantages into advantages in order to offer an unequaled and exceptional MUN experience.

DIAMUN History

Dubai International Academy Model United Nations (DIAMUN) aims to bring students from all over the world together to cooperate, discuss, and debate current world concerns in order to find practical and effective solutions. We are excited to present our fourteenth annual conference in 2022. The conference is organized by a student-led executive committee that works tirelessly to produce a high-quality MUN conference and is led by DIA’s very own teachers. Our DIAMUN team is made up of students from all around the world, giving the conference a much-needed international outlook. Each year, approximately 800 students from several continents attend DIAMUN, bringing individuals from all backgrounds and cultures together. Even in the middle of the present global problems, the DIAMUN team vows to use these disadvantages, and convert them into benefits, to create an unrivaled and unprecedented MUN experience. 



Initially, DIAMUN consisted of only three committees: The Security Council, The Second General Assembly, and the Human Rights Commission; the following year, three new committees were added: The First General Assembly, The Third General Assembly, and the World Economic Forum. In 2011, DIAMUN received official recognition as a 'The Hague International Model United Nations' (THIMUN) affiliated conference. The following year, at DIAMUN 2012, two new committees were introduced: The Global Environmental Summit and the League of Arab States. They too were added to the growing tally of committees. In 2013, two new committees, the African Union and the Advisory Panel Question, were added in order to change the outlook of the conference as a whole and tackle issues that were significant not only to the Middle Eastern region but also on a global scale.

DIAMUN 2013 was exceedingly successful, with delegates responding actively and enthusiastically to the wide range of issues discussed and producing well-researched resolutions. In 2014, the International Court of Justice was another first to the ever-expanding conference. DIAMUN 2015 had the greatest amount of progress in the history of DIAMUN by far. With four new committees including the Environmental Commission, Federal National Council, Nuclear Security Summit, and The Special Conference, we welcomed over 1,200 participants in our 12 committees and we were proud to host the biggest conference in the Middle East at our very own school. DIAMUN 2016 saw the addition of another successful committee, the Special Conference in Arabic which served as a forum for Arabic-speaking students at the conference to feel comfortable debating by speaking in their own language about pressing matters in and around the MENA region. DIAMUN 2019 made history as the first-ever paperless conference in the world.

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