Special thanks to CWB for giving us an internship opportunity to be provided to the DIAMUN 2022 Nirav Passi Award winner (Best Delegate). 

Cedar White Bradley is a regionally known law firm that administers services that incorporate intellectual property. The firm is known for having a diversified team along with a variety of in-depth knowledge in practicing intellectual property law. 

Best Delegate

  • The opportunity of being under the mentorship of such a prestigious firm

  • Acquire the leadership skills that are needed to be implemented into the real world.

  • Empower your weaknesses and build upon your strengths to grow to your greatest potential.


A mentorship as such would allow you to build long-term professional networks with experienced and skilled employees; a key concept obtained by most interns. Internships as such allow you to explore a variety of potential career paths and provide you with valuable and irreplaceable work experience​

What's In It For You?

What's In It For You?

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone is the first step in moving towards winning the Nirav Passi Award!

  • Make sure that you voice your viewpoints and stance with confidence.  

Participation is key! Show your chairs that you are eager to learn from your mistakes and keen on improving in becoming a better delegate. Make certain that you continuously raise  Point of Inquiries to show your interest in your fellow delegates' topics.

Remember to:

  • Raise substantial and constructive amendments to clauses and resolutions. 

  • Be detailed with your amendments and make sure that you have a convincing speech to grasp the attention of your committee immediately!