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My name is Siddhant Tandon, and I am serving as the Secretary-General for DIAMUN 2022. Last year, and the year before, DIAMUN was hit with an unfortunate series of events. Before Lemony Snicket takes the torch here - This year, DIAMUN has been set up for a comeback. Adaptation is the name of the game, and this year's team of capable and determined executive team members are ready to adapt DIAMUN to whatever conditions and circumstances the world throws at us. As the Secretary-General, I am excited to bring to you one of the UAE’s most prestigious and anticipated academic events, and I look forward to interacting with each and every one of you.

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A Message from the Secretary-General

For fourteen years, DIAMUN has been the conference for pioneering delegates and individuals in the Middle East. In that time the world has seen the passing of natural disasters, scientific innovations and civil wars. In these fourteen years, the world has created ceasefires, addressed the marginalisation of communities and came together to fight climate change. These are the core, deep-rooted and institutional problems that while the world has made progress in, still has catastrophic impacts on the very fabric that binds societies and the individuals within them together. These are some of the many issues that DIAMUN 2022 seeks to address over the course of the conference. With that being said, it is my utmost honour and pride to welcome you to DIAMUN 2022.


2022 signifies the completion of two complete years of the world and its communities under the dark cloud of COVID-19. The last two years have taught us that the most important feature of survival is adaptation and change. Charles Darwin put it best when he said, "It is not the strongest creatures that survive, nor most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Inspired by the current situation, and mankind's most valuable skills - its impetus, adaptation, this year's central focus lies on revitalising the archaic systems in place for better, more adaptable frameworks which are more relevant to this generation - the age of change-makers. The previous laissez-faire oriented institutions can no longer effectively govern and lead communities for the future and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a microscope to the political, societal, economic and environmental issues that have been plaguing the world like a cancer, undetected and destructive. The amalgamation of all these factors and more has resulted in the conceptualisation of the theme for DIAMUN 2022: "Collaborating to nurture our common future", inspired by the 1987 report published by the United Nations, "Our Common Future" which outlined a global framework for global development.


In tandem with the selected theme, our team has hand-picked a range of 14 committees, all targeting and solving the specific problems affecting specific communities and niches, to tackle the overarching problem addressed by the theme, proving that the sum of the parts is truly greater than the whole. A key new addition to the myriad of committees DIAMUN offers is the United Nations Reformation Council (UNRC). Inspired by the rapid changes made by international communities as a result of COVID-19, this committee seeks to update and revitalize the archaic framework that still governs the political and economic landscape of the world today, truly adapting the norms of the past for our common future. The Press Corps is a proprietary gathering of delegates passionate to create a wider audience for DIAMUN and increase its exposure.


DIAMUN serves as a forum for leaders and problem solvers to come together and discuss the most pressing problems of our time. These very solutions discussed could become the framework of international efforts and truly put a stop to the issues the world faces. DIAMUN is more than just a conference, but a blend of real world feasibility and starry eyed idealism to create the solutions that shape the world of tomorrow The very impetus that DIAMUN forms itself upon is the passion to create the leaders, change-makers and innovators of tomorrow. To further facilitate this transformation within DIAMUN delegates, we offer unique and highly coveted opportunities for our most impactful and knowledgeable delegates, including internships that provide unparalleled exposure and experience. This thorough process that DIAMUN has adopted to ensure the highest degree of development in our delegates truly allows the organization to set itself apart in its drive to develop, inform and widen the horizons of our delegates. This coupled with the combination of thousands of motivated, dedicated and driven students from all parts of the world, with multiple different cultural backgrounds truly makes DIAMUN an unparalleled opportunity to network, mix with and interact with different people and their ideas for change.


Every Secretary-General for this conference has outlined their vision for change and the legacy they hope DIAMUN imparts upon its delegates, but I just want to say this. Yuval Noah Harari once said that human rights, money and political borders exist only in our collective imagination. The only thing limiting us is our imagination and fervour to do what is right. I suppose then I, too, have a vision of change. That all the students from all parts of the world coming together for a weekend for this conference develop both that same imagination and fervour for what is right, just like many great minds did before us, and will continue to do so.


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