1. DIAMUN is one of the first THIMUN affiliated conferences in the Middle East and the only one in the UAE!

2. It offers you the opportunity to meet students from all over the world and enhance your expertise in international affairs.

3. It is the 13th annual Model United Nations conference held at Dubai International Academy.

4. It has exciting contemporary committees including the International Court of Justice, the Nuclear Security Summit, Security Council and many more. Furthermore, World Health Summit and United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development have been introduced for this year’s conference. 

5. DIAMUN gives you the opportunity to explore Dubai; a cosmopolitan hub and a city that never sleeps – visit various attractions all over the city ranging from traditional souks to the tallest building and the largest mall in the world!

6. It’s organized by an internationally experienced executive team, extensively trained Student Officers and committed MUN Directors.

7. There are numerous Student Officer and press team positions available for international applicants.

8. It has a stimulating and significant theme: Responding to Crises in Pursuit of International Stability. This theme was heavily inspired by the plethora of crises plaguing our world which hinder our potential for development.

9. In DIAMUN 2019, we introduced an app that was used for the purpose of debate as well as communication between delegates. DIAMUN 2021 will include this app with improvements having been made!

10. DIAMUN 2021 will assist your school thoroughly with logistical support to ensure a complete focus on the conference.