Responding to Crises in Pursuit of International Stability


Committees and Topics


General Assembly 1


1.   Evaluating the Use of Drones for Military Purposes in Modern Conflict

2.   Regulating the Prevalence of Private Military Contractors and Organized Crime Militias in Latin


3.  Methods to Combat the Illicit Trade and Concealment of Small Arms and Ammunition in South



General Assembly 3


1.   Measures to Decrease Crime Rates in Less Economically Developed Countries

2.  Addressing the Mistreatment of Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Southeast Asia

3.   Developing the Prevalence and Quality of Education in Conflict-Stricken Areas


General Assembly 4


1.   Methods to Cease Francafrique Political and Economic Neo-Colonialism

2.   The Question of the Protection of Sovereignty in the South China Sea

3.  Creating a Framework to have Ethical Methods of Crowd Control in Response to Violent Protest


Security Council


1.   The Situation in Venezuela

2.   The Situation in Syria


Historical Security Council


1.   The Korean War

2.   The Treaty of San Francisco

3.   The Cuban Missile Crisis


Human Rights Council


1.   Implementing Measures to Ensure the Universal Protection of Non-citizen Rights

2.   Addressing the Abuse of Power and Human Rights Violations by Global Police Forces

3.   The Question of the Philippines Drug War


Economic and Social Council


1.   Addressing the Rapid Increase of Worldwide Unemployment as a Result of COVID-19

2.   Evaluating the Social and Economic Repercussions of Rampant Violence in Latin America

3.   Developing International Antitrust Policies to Combat the Increased Prevalence of Monopolies


United Nations Environmental Programme


1.   Creating Legal Policies to Ensure the Protection of Worldwide Climate Refugees

2.   The Question of Environmental Degradation Due to Increased Demand in Petrochemicals

3.   Creating a Framework to Tackle the Problem of Invasive Species as a Result of Increased Human



United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


1.   Evaluating the Impact of Emerging AI Technologies on the Sustainable Development Goals

2.   Developing the Use of Education as a Tool to Prevent Violent Extremism

3.   Ensuring the Protection of Cultural Property in Times of Armed Conflict


World Health Assembly


1.   Ensuring the Preparedness of Global Healthcare Systems and Responses in the Face of Potential

Communicable Disease Outbreaks

2.   Evaluating the Social, Ethical & Political Implications of Gene Modifying Technology

3.   Promoting Accessibility to Healthcare, Nutrition and Proper Sanitation in Sub-Saharan/ Central



Nuclear Security Summit


1.   Evaluating the Development of Nuclear Energy Technologies as a Method to Substitute Fossil


2.   Measures to Implement Denuclearisation Policies within the DPRK to Maintain International


3.   Ensuring Protection Against Nuclear Power from Damage Caused by Natural and Unnatural



United Nations Peacekeeping Forces


1.   Evaluating the Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Strategy in Missions across Africa, Amidst Rising

Non-state Actor Presence

2.   Addressing the Inefficiency of UNPK Missions due to a Monetized Peacekeeping Force

3.   Developing a Collaborative Peacekeeping Strategy to Mitigate the Conflict in Syria


International Court of Justice


1.   The Question of Armed Activities on the Territory of the Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo

vs. Uganda)


Arab League


1.   Developing Methods to Ensure the Abatement of Gender Inequality in the Middle East

2.   Addressing the Prevalence of Political Instability and Foreign Involvement in Iran

3.   Measures to Cease the Spread of Future Pandemics in the MENA region


Youth Assembly


1.   Measures to Preserve Forests and Prevent Wildfires Around the Globe

2.  Implementing Measures to Ensure Access to Education for Young Women and Children

3.   Developing Strategies to Reduce the Levels of Tobacco Consumption