AU  - African Union 

1. Implementing Measures to Tackle Corruption in the Sub-Saharan Region

2. Eradicating Environmental and Labour Exploitation through Promoting the Growth of Local Businesses

3. Developing Strategies to Promote Sustainable Social Inclusion across Member States


EC - Environmental Commission

1. Measures required to minimize the growing issue of climate change

2. Developing effective strategies to increase the availability of clean energy sources in LEDCs

3.  Methods to Decrease the Rate of Species Reduction in Ecosystems


ECOSOC- Economic and Social Council

1. Strengthening Economic Cooperation to Promote Sustainable Economic Growth and Inclusion for Developing Economies

2. Addressing the Issue of Youth Unemployment


GA1 - General Assembly 1 

1. Establishing international frameworks for cyber warfare and the ethical use of cyber technology

2. The question of Rising Water Conflicts

3. The Security Council: Addressing Outdated Rules of Procedure


GA3 - General Assembly 3

1. Efforts to improve the status of humans in conflict within the Middle East

2. Creating global regulations for the internet of things in human life and devising a standard

3. Planning the future of children in war-torn nations


GA4 - General Assembly 4

1. Evaluating the Political Crisis in Venezuela

2. Efforts to curb corruption in UN peacekeeping missions and organisations

3. The Issue of Proxy Wars in the Middle East and Establishing a Long Lasting Diplomatic Solution 


HRC - Human Rights Council 

1. The question of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

2. The question of the Xinjiang re-education camps

3. Implementing measures to eradicate contemporary forms of slavery


ICJ - International Court of Justice 

1.  Alleged Violations of the 1955 Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations, and Consular Rights (Islamic Republic of Iran v. United States of America)

-  Overview

-  Procedure


LOAS - League of Arab States 

1. Tackling the Issue of Illiteracy within the Arab world

2. Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan


NSS - Nuclear Security Summit

1. Determining the Role of Nuclear Energy Sources as a Part of the World’s Future

2. Implementing Measures to Combat the Illicit Trade of Nuclear Material in Asia and Eastern Europe

3. Devising a Collaborative Strategy to Reduce the Military Presence of Nuclear Technology


SC - Security Council

1. The Situation in Afghanistan

2. The Situation in Ukraine


SPC - Special Conference 

1. Measures to promote the digitalization of the agricultural sector in LEDCs

2. Creating a global platform to tackle pressing issues faced by the youth in the modern day

3. Developing strategies to increase the use of biofuels and clean energy innovations globally


SPCA- Special Conference in Arabic

1. Improving the Conditions for Political Refugees amongst MENA states

2. Creating a Framework to Encourage Increased Expatriate Influx into the MENA Region

3. Measures to Increase Gender Equality in the MENA region 


UNCSTD- United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development

1. Implementing measures to ensure the encryption and safety of personal data and rebuild consumer confidence in the face of technological advancements and scandals

2. Implementing measures to address the spread of misinformation through technology

3. Developing a framework to ensure equality in the exploration of outer space


UNDP - United Nations Development Programme

1. Measures to protect the human race from disease outbreaks and epidemics

2. Implementing policies that ensure equitable wages to harbour economic growth

3. Evaluating the ramifications of non-sustainable urban development


WHS - World Health Summit 

1. Constructing a framework to combat the spread of treatment resistant strains of pathogens

2. Measures to Increase Access and Right to Universal Healthcare

3. Methods to Incorporate and Improve Digital Health in the Modern Day


YA - Youth Assembly 

1. Measures to conserve marine ecosystems around the globe

2. Measures to provide child refugees with an education in a rapidly changing world

3. The question of the use of social media as a tool in the 21st Century