DIAMUN 2019 - Research Reports



1. The Question of Changes in Farming Technologies in Central Africa

2. The Implementation of the Sustainable Extraction of Resources in Central Africa

3. The Question of Improvements in the Telecommunication Infrastructure for the Betterment of Trade and Education in Central Africa




1. Implementing effective measures to promote policies and programs for inclusive growth and job creation within the African Union

2. Measures taken to improve the healthcare sector through technological advancements

3. Reaffirming the role of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) in achieving sustainable future




1. Evaluating the Impacts and Future Implications of Genetic Engineering

2. Introducing new policies and systems with the use of technology in order to preserve the depleting water resources

3. Tackling the illegal trade of wildlife in order to preserve our ecosystem




1. Addressing the issue of monopolies and their consumerist behaviour on current economies

2. Addressing the issue of unemployment due to technological advancements

3. Developing effective strategies to address and reduce the impact of cyber attacks due to technological advancements




1. Methods to effectively increase cyber security through technological advancements in Central Asia

2. Methods to prevent advanced manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction

3. The implementation of a legal framework to regulate Foreign Military Aid




1. Measures taken to improve cultural education in urbanized regions in South Asia

2. Methods to preserve and prevent the extinction of endangered languages in the face of global advancements

3. The question of digital privacy




1. Addressing the issue of climate refugees in the South Asian region

2. Discussing the effects of immigration on the environment and economy

3. International co-operation in the peaceful use of outer space




1. Implementing policies that deal with the eradication of poverty and development in LEDCs

2. Questioning the economic and social impacts of child labor in Africa

3. The question of the Rohingya People




1. Developing and reforming policies in order to achieve a low carbon footprint in the Middle East

2. Evaluating the impacts and future implications of the increased use of technology in methods of education

3. Understanding the need to adapt to alternative sources of income generation due to depleting oil sources in order to sustain a healthy future




1. Importance of the appropriate usage of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) with regards to its disposal and conversion to safer materials

and resources

2. Reaffirming the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the strengthening of nuclear security




1. The Situation in Iran

2. The Situation in the Lake Chad Basin




1. Formulating strategies to increase the usage of Carbon-neutral fuels in the transportation industry

2. Understanding the importance of effectively implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the farming industry




1. Measures taken to control the supply and usage of illicit weaponry

2. Promoting education for all age groups in the MENA region

3. Understanding and promoting ways to improve the socio-economic conditions in the MENA region




1. Developing effective measures to eradicate poverty

2. Measures taken by member nations to implement the sustainable development goals to improve the economic and social conditions of

the country

3. Measures taken to create equal job opportunities for men and women in the MENA region




1. Evaluating the impact of robotic agricultural practices in LEDCs with regard to their effect on the economy

2. The question of implementing green technology for small and medium-sized enterprises in LEDCs to improve economic sustainability




1. Measures to reduce pollution through sustainable means in the first world countries

2. The problem of Economic Inequality

3. The question of oil spills on the Mexican Coast