Committee and Theme


Global Innovation in Education, Energy and the Economy


Committee and Topics

General Assembly 1 (GA-1)

1. Effective measures taken towards arms control and weapons proliferations in LEDCs

2. Strengthening the effectiveness of nuclear non-proliferation treaties as a way to achieve global nuclear disarmament.


General Assembly 3 (GA-3)

1. The issue of targeting social and cultural differences when working to solve bilateral tensions between countries.

2. Combatting the issue of child labor and children rights protection in developing countries.

3. Furthering women’s participation in sports and related activities in the Indian Subcontinent.


General Assembly 4 (GA-4)

1. Measures taken and international peace efforts on the issue of decolonization in Puerto Rico.

2. International response and the effectiveness of peacekeeping missions on the issue of Sudan and South Sudan.

3. Political and economic impact on those countries accepting asylum seekers and victims of forced migration.

Human Rights Council (HRC)

1. Formulating policies to ensure the equal and sustainable supply of electricity in developing nations

2. Implementing methods to improve living conditions of prisoners in developing nations such as Haiti and Venezuela.


Security Council (SC)

1. The situation in Haiti

2. The situation in Western Sahara


League of Arab States (LAS)

1. The question of reforming policies to ensure sustainable economic and social growth in the Arab league

2. Measures to prevent the exploitation, and ensure the equal distribution of resources in the MENA region

3. The question of the shift in the focus of energy production due to depleting oil resources


African Union (AU)

1. Measures to reduce and control the spread of disease while improving current healthcare through means of medical technology in Africa

2. Measures to develop and promote female education in order to improve current socio economic conditions in Africa

3. Need for innovation in education and technology to accelerate economic growth and decimate poverty in Africa


World Energy Forum (WEF)

1. Measures taken by the MENA region to develop effective strategies to use renewable energy.

2. Understanding different ways in which corporations and governments are developing alternative resources for producing energy.


Nuclear Security Summit (NSS)

1. Developing stringent laws of punishment towards nations and non-state actors that make use of unauthorized nuclear material.

2. Advancing feasible improvements in the nuclear security behavior alongside strengthening the global nuclear security architecture.


Environment Commission (EC)

1. Implementing the effective adoption of renewable resources within Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs)

2. The question of improving and effectively tackling the issue of desertification in the Sahel region

3. Measures to develop progressive agricultural technology that is safe and sustainable


Advisory Panel (AP)

1. The question of election-based violence in West Africa

2. The question of drug trafficking in West Africa

3. Improving women’s access to quality vocational training and higher education in West Africa


Youth Assembly (YA)

1. The question of producing sustainable energy for low costs in developing nations.

2. Measures to provide basic education to people in need with a focus on the African Continent.

3. Methods to promote the issue of the water scarcity and sanitation in Southeast Asia


Special Conference (SPC)

1. Recognizing the importance of the Aichi-Nagoya Declaration

2. Measure taken to prevent discrimination in corporate societies to improve global employment

3. The question of Cyber Sovereignty in the MENA region


Special Conference Arabic (SPCA)

1. Influence of media and technology on education in the middle east

2. Improving education in refugee camps in the middle east

3. Increasing the presence of higher education institutes in the middle east


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

1. Implementing measures to improve socioeconomic gender equality in LEDCs.

2. Developing measures to ensure stable rates of employment in spite of advancing technology

3. Methods to tackle the use of tax havens by MNCs in nations where poverty is a serious contention


International Court of Justice (ICJ)

1. Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Croatia v. Serbia)