The aim of Dubai International Academy Model United Nations (DIAMUN) is for students from around the world to come together- to collaborate, discuss and debate to arrive at plausible solutions to current world issues. DIAMUN has hosted nine annual conferences, and in 2018, we look forward to hosting our tenth conference with over 50 participating schools. A student led executive team organizes the conference and works tirelessly to deliver a MUN conference of the highest standards. Our DIAMUN team is comprised of students from all around the world, adding a much needed element of internationalism to the conference. Each year we have several hundred students attend DIAMUN from varied continents thus bringing together people from several different backgrounds and cultures. DIAMUN 2017 set the highest record for the number of participants with 900 delegates and directors from 52 schools.

The DIAMUN Executive Team is committed to providing new and experienced student delegates with the best MUN experiences; welcoming delegates from all over the world to engage in challenging debates over economic, social and political issues present in the world today, creating a strong youth voice is what we aim to do. DIAMUN serves as a gateway to the world of diplomacy and aids students to hone their public speaking, writing, research, consensus building, and conflict resolving skills. Our debates lay a concrete foundation for students to demonstrate their talents through voicing opinions, writing and negotiating in an environment similar to the one at the United Nations. Moreover, engaging in discussion with people from diverse backgrounds encourages our delegates to take risks, be open minded, and inquiring, creating a distinct and intellectual individual.